vintage linen - cutwork and crochet tableclothBrowsing at the Vintage Linen Shop is like a trip back in time, honestly. There’s a select offering of antique linens as well as new linens made in 1940s and ’50s style, everything from bedding to tea towels and potholders.

My eye was taken by this pretty white-on-white cutwork tablecloth with crochet inserts and edging, almost exactly like the cloth my English-born grandmother used on the japanned table in the sun porch when she poured out a summertime tea. I found the prices to be very reasonable, too. This 36-inch cloth — entirely handmade in 100% cotton — is going for $14, for example.

Yep, I like this site. So glad I caught the press release about its opening! My only quibble with the Vintage Linen Shop is that it’s not always easy to tell from the listing what’s truly vintage and what’s merely a retro reproduction. Beautiful certainly lives here, though…

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  1. domestika

    @Anne, I think our grandmothers had something in common! You just never see enough pretty cutwork these days, do you?

    @Mitch, so glad to have helped you do a little time travelling! Try mixing those mashed turnips with mashed potatoes — it’s a bit of a traditional dish around these parts, sometimes with a bit of mashed carrot in there too… Kids seem to take to it, so maybe it could help get you past that traumatic “turnips are not sweet potatoes” moment at the dinner table, too!

  2. Mitch

    A picture is worth a thousand words. This tablecloth reminds me of why I eat with plastic utensils to this very day: if was the Thanksgiving of 1968…
    Ah, never mind. Suffice it to say, mashed turnips may look like sweet potatoes, but the taste is waaaaay off.

    I love this site, too. Keep on keepin’ on!


  3. Anne Maybus

    How lovely! It brings back memories of my grandmothers – delicious devonshire teas. What a great find.

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