I love looking at the products and designs coming out of Europe, but it does make me wish I could read more languages than any online translator can handle! As near as I can tell, with about four words of Danish, these soap holders are “practical and hygienic” because they keep your soap up out of the water and let it dry when it’s not in use.

For those of us who hate a slimy soap dish, that’s a big selling point!

But speaking of points — that’s my big question.

I can’t tell… would these be spikes sticking out of the wall of your shower stall, on which you would impale your lovely cakes of hygienic and practical multi-coloured soap?

Because, if so, I’m just far too klutzy to be allowed to purchase these. Pointy objects projecting from the wall? I don’t think so — no matter how much a cluster of these might look at bit like a lovely alien flower garden…

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  1. birgitte linstow

    Hi there. I am Danish, and I can assure you that this soap holder (Provendi) and soap is not Danish but French.
    This style was made in France in the 1950’ties.
    By the way: I am just about to by one for my kitchen.

  2. domestika

    Wow, Trine, that’s a long way to go to buy soap! :D

  3. trine fabricius rondina

    I’m danish, I can tell you all about this soap, I love them , they’re the best, I have one. unfortunately, my soap is gone, and living here made it almost impossible to buy a new one, unless I go home to Denmark……..

  4. domestika

    Hey, lookee what I just found at Apartment Therapy in the housewares section: Provendi soap hook!

  5. Jaimie Shorten

    They are the original Provendi items i.e. from France. The soap blocks have a hole and the retaining end is blunt. I have tried to buy this, but I can only fiond them on french websites, with huge postal charges- somebody should import them!

  6. domestika

    Hi Debbie, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment… and for solving the mystery of the Danish soap-holder!

    A magnetic soap holder makes such good sense, doesn’t it? … and something a handy person could even make themselves, maybe!

  7. debbie

    The typical Danish soap holder that I have seen goes on the wall by your hand sink and holds a magnet. All you have to is stick the small flat metal piece in your soap and it is held up by the magnet. I have seen them since I was a child as my mother grew up in Copenhagen
    Sincerely, d

  8. domestika

    @Lou, i try not to imagine it!!! Maybe mount this soap holder over the sink, for hand-washing only?

    @Judy, Sugar Queen, thanks so much for the kind words! Know what you mean about breaking out a nice dry pristine cake of soap – one of life’s small pleasures, eh?

  9. Judy

    I need some of them . I am one of Those > people that likes dry soap , well at least until I use it . Your blog rocks btw.

  10. lou

    Oh, I can just imagine the damage I would do to myself it there were spikes sticking out of the wall in the shower – ow!

  11. domestika

    Here’s how much I really need to get a life, my friends:

    I found another listing for this soap holder (still all in Danish) with this promising line in its description text —
    Holderen skrues op på væggen og sæben skubbes på.
    From what I can piece together with reference to Danish for English Speakers, the soap holder screws onto the wall, and the soap is pushed onto the holder.

    Of course that still doesn’t 100% answer our question — spike on wall, or hole in soap?? Now I come to think of it, though, these look a good bit like a Provendi knock-off, and those soaps have holes drilled in them…

  12. RJ

    becca may be right. I can’t read danish either, but the fact that gronlykke sells the soap as well makes me think it must be specially made to fit the holder, but then what I can’t figure out is how the soap would stay on, as the holder seems to be pointing down. It’s all very interesting!

  13. becca

    maybe the soap has holes in it already…? no spikes for me either.

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