harry potter fawkes pillow So, what if a true-blue Harry Potter fan wants to take a hint of the boy wizard off to college?

But maybe she doesn’t want to flaunt her passion to the whole dorm, right on the first day… but on the other hand, she does want to give off those subtle magical signals to any kindred spirits on the floor…

Toss a rather elegant Fawkes pillow onto that dorm-room daybed, and only the cogniscenti will recognize the literary allusion. Everyone else will just think it’s a really slick bird — Cool, dude, is that a phoenix?

The Fawkes Pheoniex pillow by NECA at Amazon.
Along with the printed-and-embroidered 14-inch Hogwarts School Crest Pillow by Circle Red, what could be a more appropriate gift for a Harry Potter fan freshman just going off to college?

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