Sometimes all it takes to pull a room or a home together is one strong theme, carried through with a thoughtful colour scheme and a few choice decor accessories. It’s great fun to take a theme to the extreme, as in the idea of doing a whole thing on the Impressionist painters — we went there a bit with Van Gogh – Starry Night, for example — but sometimes less is more.

Stained Glass Van Gogh Starry Night Bench by JefDen DesignsSo it’s often more effective to let one or two accent pieces tell the tale — check out the amazing Van Gogh bench in stained glass by JefDen Designs, for example!

Instead of decorating a Starry Night theme room with many representations of the famous work of art, why not invest in one really good reproduction of the painting (framed on the wall, or done in decoupage on the top of a low table?).

Moon and Stars Pillows from Sofa GardenThen pick out key colors and elements star and moon shaped throw pillows (Celestial Collection at Sofa Garden that broaden your interpretation of the theme.

In the long run, it usually works best to start with an over-the-top design and then back off just a bit. By getting away from a rigid interpretation of a chosen decorating theme, dialling it back, doing more with a fewer pieces…. you’ll still get a room that looks ultra-cool and pulled together — but it’ll be one heck of a lot easier to live with every day!

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  1. celeste:)

    im loving the idea of a starry night themed bedroom. something i will do is paint all of my walls(including ceiling) gradating colors of the scheme i want to go with, and add flowy lavender curtains. in addition, i would like to have a bedset that is the theme and/or colors that i want for my room. the, to top it off, paintings and artwork that are intact with my theme and colors. i will go with a color scheme of lavender and different shades of blue, then add those glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling which, if i have enough, will look fantastic! if you want to see the thing that insprired my volor scheme, log onto, and try to find iGoogle or your personalizing tools for google. then look at the themes on the iGoogle page and it should be the one that is lavender and light blue. hope i inspired you!

    ~ C

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