Another snow storm today… my orchard work is falling far behind!

There’s a lot of pruning apple trees that needs to be done in spring. Early April is the best time for pruning any kind of fruit trees, here in gardening zone 4, but it’s a hard physical chore that’s all too easy to put off when the weather doesn’t cooperate!

The native white-tailed deer have come out of the deep woods to help with the orchard pruning — as you can see in this picture I took one early evening, this past weekend — but I’ve yet to figure out how to train the animals to nip off only those tree branches that I want to have trimmed!

Okay, I can’t resist!
Just one more deer-in-snow-eating-my-apple-trees picture…

deer-in-snow-eating-my-apple-trees photograph

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  1. domestika

    Sure, kellypea, seagulls have their moments too! (Remember the book, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull?)

    Just edited my post to add another pic — a few more deer in the snow — just for you! The snow is melting fast now (YAY!), so enjoy the blue-white beauty while it lasts…

  2. kellypea

    How gorgeous! I had the chance to see some deer and snow (woo hoo!) near my sister’s home in VA when I was there. No snow, deer, or kangaroos in Paradise. Sigh. Do seagulls count?

  3. domestika

    @Anne, much as I’d love to see a kangeroo hopping around my yard, I don’t think the poor thing would much like emigrating! Yes, the deer are beautiful, graceful – but getting quite fearless around people which means that they boldly wreak havoc in my garden. My lovely Asiatic lilies are a particular favourite snack for deer, dammit!

    @Mel, I agree completely! This year the winter seems to be going on and on and on… if it weren’t so beautiful, I really don’t know how we’d manage to get through it!

  4. mel

    Having snow right now kind of sucks, but it sure is beautiful.

  5. Anne

    Wow! How beautiful. Want to swap a deer for a kangaroo?

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