Shockolate VaultThis little gizmo is called the Shockolate Vault, and I need one desperately.

Basically, you lock away your chocolates, cigarettes, or whatever else it is that the unhealthy and habit-dependent part of your brain most craves — and you set a timer. Try to get the goodies out before the timer goes off, and you get an electric shock.

I seem to remember something about all this from college days, back in Abnormal Psychology 101 — shock aversion therapy, isn’t it?

At any rate, I’ll bet it works like a charm…

You could also use this to protect your goodies from hungry kid sisters or greedy roommates, very handy! Spotted on

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  1. ~Dawn

    It’s see-through… that’s just evil!!

    Don’t they know, “outta sight, outta mind”?

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