makeup girlCustom cartoon chicks — what’s next?!

How about a custom cartoon of a yourself, that you can put on everything from notecards to T-shirts to… maybe a tattoo design for a very close friend?

How Cute Is This????? asks The MakeUpGirl (that’s her there, in the pic on the left). She tracked down the website after spotting it listed in Oprah’s magazine last month… which leads me to think that I should be spending more time in the hammock with a pile of glossies!

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  1. domestika

    Hey MakeUpGirl, why not? Maybe you should put it on your business cards — darned cute, and it would really make you stand out from the crowd! Can’t go wrong with a sense of humour…
    Thanks for visiting!

  2. themakeupgirl

    Ha ha haaaaaaaa! Hey Julia! I loked this site so much I am thinking of using it for my new business cards!!

  3. domestika

    Gifts are a great idea, Emily! Come to think of it, personlaized notepaper would be just perfect for my teenaged niece who has a birthday coming up, and a lot of penpals!

  4. Emily

    Design Her Gals are so much fun! I found them a few months back. They make great, fun gifts for people!!

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