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Hey, Babe – What’s That Sparkle in Your Eye?

woman with diamond-encrusted contact lenses

Some fashion trends are just so ridiculous, they can’t possibly be allowed to pass by without comment and an eye-roll. What next?

The new hot Bollywood fad could be diamond-encrusted contact lenses, if Indian optometrist Chandrashekhar Chawanha has his wish.

The contact lenses are constructed with gold rings around the irises, with thousands of dollars worth of tiny diamonds — 18 diamonds per contact lens — embedded into the gold.

The effect is more freaky than fabulous, if you ask me.

The price tag  (La SER™ Eye Jewelry) for a pair?
A staggering $15,000 — and possibly your vision?

Ironically, proceeds from the sales of the diamond contacts will apparently go to underwrite treatment of poor people with Stevens Johnson Syndrome at the Shekhar Eye Research Center, where Dr. Chawanha developed the scary-shiny novelty contacts.

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