Cheap and pretty, it’s a bed headboard made of painted panels… and incredibly stylish, too, for something that started out its life as a trio of inexpensive hollow-core cupboard doors!

If you’re not ready to commit to bold paint colours in the bedroom, this clever DIY project from Better Homes & Gardens can help you get a sense of what a drastic change might feel like. With paint, of course, the choices are unlimited and any mistakes are both affordable and easy to fix… but you probably need a headboard anyway, right?

The BHG decorators went with strong horizontal stripes in shades of sky blue for their headboard how-to, but this would be a great project for practicing your faux-finish paint techniques, or maybe even a little magazine-picture decoupage.

The panels are hinged together and fastened to the wall with simple L-brackets, but if your landlord won’t let you poke holes in the wall (or you’re just not entirely comfortable with pointy tools) you can always lean the headboard up against the wall and push the bed up against it to hold it.

That’s pretty much what I’ve done with the headboard in my guest room, in fact — it was supposed to be a temporary measure, leaning it up against the wall, but you know how these things go…

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  1. Mike

    I love They also have a great Paint-A-Room tool. Have you tried it? You can “paint” and decorate a room with an assortment of colors and fabrics to see what matches and what doesn’t. It’s fun!

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