Here’s something different — and quite intriguing — that caught my attention recently, as a caring dog-owner and a loving guardian of impulsive and animal-loving children.
dog bite prevention education game - click for more information
Doggone Crazy is a unique dog bite prevention child safety board game — and dog bite prevention is the whole goal of the game. It promises to be good fun to play, as well as educational.

Here’s what the makers of the game have to say about it:

Doggone Crazy! is the first ever board game to empower kids with the knowledge they need to make safe choices around dogs. Kids can be doggy detectives, trying to figure out what the dogs are saying with their body language in the more than 100 photo cards. Children and families will learn about dog communication, dog behavior, dog safety for children and how to prevent a dog bite.

Through fun activities, photographs of real dogs and puppies and question cards, Doggone Crazy! promotes education and child safety. Doggone Crazy! is a highly competitive race around the board collecting dog bones. There are over 100 cards showing photographs of real dogs doing real doggie things. There are more than 60 different dogs and more than 40 different breeds represented…

dog bite prevention education game - click for larger imageDownload the game’s free Parent Guide (PDF file), a great resource that explains all the concepts covered in the game and their basis.

Or, to start learning about dog communication right away, see the quick reference guide (PDF file) to see a sample of the kind of dog body language that is illustrated by the game cards.

Even dog savvy parents have said “I didn’t know that!” after learning about subtle and little-known dog communication signals from the photo cards in the game. Kids just say “We all have fun!!”

For 2-6 Players, ages 4-12 — adults too! Requires at least 1 player with 3rd grade reading skills, and a gaame with 4 players will take about 40 minutes.

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  1. Becca

    We have several dogs and always wish people were more aware of how to behave around them. On the other hand, an unrestrained dog tried to bite me the other day and I was…angry…frightened, actually

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