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Dogs Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Christmas Dog in Santa Hat

Okay, okay, I know you’ve probably all seen this amazing YouTube video before — the one where a whole group of trained dogs are home alone and they decorate the Christmas tree — but let’s enjoy the smart doggies one more time, heading into the holidays!

This is like a Christmas pageant for a dog training school (in Hungary, isn’t it?) and a really clever idea! If you watch carefully, you’ll be able to see what behaviours each of the dogs has been trained to do (opening the cupboard door, pulling the garland, carrying the Christmas balls, or whatever) and how the bits are all edited together to make this impressive show…

Did you notice what a cool mix of dogs is on stage here?

We don’t see too many videos like this coming out of a dog obedience school in most parts of the US or Canada, do we?  Not because of the level of training – that’s totally doable – but because of the types of dogs on screen.  See, they’ve got a couple of  “pitbulls”  running around off-leash in the same room as other dogs, including a tiny toy poodle. And with all the push for breed-specific dog bans we’ve had in North America in the past few years, people have come to believe — misguidedly — that certain breeds of big powerful dogs cannot be trained or trusted.  But, as the video proves, not so!

It’s not the breed, it’s the breeding and the owner.

Hope this happy little Merry Christmas doggy video helps to spread sweetness and light in the world, and helps the advocates for breed-specific legislation see that all dogs are individual characters — just like people — regardless of their shape, size, or breed.

Any dog can be a GOOD dog, a real Santa’s Little Helper!


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  • amy 2010/12/20, 8:19 am


  • jeantownsend 2010/01/16, 2:14 pm

    i am desperately trying to find your peace dove crochet pattern, the link goes to a closed webpage
    please can you help me with this i need them for a wedding coming up soon. i have always thought they were perfect and now i cant find them.

  • Sue 2009/12/31, 4:07 pm

    :D :D I hadn’t seen this. I had to crack up at the Bernese Mountain Dog. He was a great supervisor. Thanks for sharing this. It helped my hurt go away a little bit (I lost my furbaby on Dec. 14). Mine would have been great for putting the gifts under the tree.

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