The Defendius door chain (Art Lebedev Studio) is a clever design exercise, but I’m betting this maze lock won’t turn up on the front door of too many homes — and it probably wouldn’t be endorsed by too many firefighters, or insurance types, or anyone else who thinks that getting out of your home quickly might be a good thing…

Still, isn’t it just the most engaging piece of home hardware you’ve seen in ages?

So I’m thinking, why not use a maze chain to lock a cupboard door, and put the car keys there when you throw your next party. And if your cousin Johnny is one brew past figuring out the puzzle in, oh, 30 seconds — too bad, guess he can’t drive home!

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  1. Jhen

    Gee, Carl, would you like someone to read the article ‘to’ you, as you’re incapable of understanding her comment about firefighters? I surely don’t want you to be burned to death, but a good smacking couldn’t hurt.

  2. Carl

    So in case of a fire, I am trapped in the house. In a frenzy state, I couldn’t find the way out of the darn maze. So I will be burned to death. Where can I buy it?

  3. domestika

    I thought about kid-proofing too, Donna, at first, but came to the same conclusion as you did: kids are just too smart for a mere puzzle to stop them! Anne’s put her finger on it, truth be told — we’re just looking for an excuse to play with it ourselves…

  4. Anne Maybus

    That is fantastic. I love it! Gee, I wonder where I could use it (and justify it)? I just want to play with it.

  5. DazzlinDonna

    I love that idea! Actually, I’m not sure it would be useful for any other purpose. My first thought was it might be good for keeping kids out of places they shouldn’t have access to, and then I realized that kids would be able to figure this out faster than adults. So scratch that idea. But it just might keep tipsy guests away from car keys. If nothing else, it’s a fun little gadget.

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