Most of us don’t make a habit of stalking a furniture maker on Facebook, but here’s one you may want to make an exception for.

If you’re already a fan of craft artist Vincent Thomas Leman’s “abstract traditional” style — the heart of the practical yet whimsical Dust Furniture — you will know exactly what I mean. If not, you soon will be craving the warped and wonderful pieces for yourself.  Each piece is  handcrafted with skill and good humor in the husband-wife team’s studio in Valparaiso, Indiana, USA.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on their Etsy outlet, if you’re on a budget, to catch the occasional sales on handcrafted “prototypes, web exclusives, extras and sometimes, mistakes…” and the occasional surprise deal you’ll find hard to resist.

My first intro to Dust was this fascinating two-part stacked cabinet called “Crook and Cranny”:

This cabinet is comprised of two sections, a taller bookcase portion with shelves for storage or display, and a smaller cabinet section with a door and one interior shelf. The pieces interact with each other in an interesting way, with the taller section resting on the shorter section. The two parts are permanently secured together.

For a look at the fun-loving furniture pieces in regular production, and a list of boutiques and galleries where they’re available, visit Simply put, for the eclectic decor of a creative’s home – Dust is a must.

Dust Furniture – The Story from Vincent Leman on Vimeo.

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  1. snifter

    I love it!
    I thing its veryUNIQUe

  2. Ching Ya

    Wow.. I would have some hard times finding where to put this!
    Hmm… unique, a little bizarre, but unique.

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