Fabric Gift BasketGot a bit of leftover fabric and an hour to spare? Anne Brennan gives clear directions and step-by-step photos to make it easy to sew up this fabric gift basket with ribbon-tied corners. Good for quick last-minute gift giving, or to keep for yourself!

Anne shows the basket done in Christmas colours (and wouldn’t it be cute on a coffee table, holding some holiday candy?) but you can just as easily make it in any colours to suit your decor. I could see this in pretty floral prints on a picnic table, too, or in an autumn leaves print, filled with tiny decorative gourds for a fall display.

Updated 8 November 2012:
I wrote this fabric basket note back in December 2006, and the pattern was available on the Sew and Quilt website up until fairly recently, but the site seems to have been taken down now. Never fear, you can still find the archived page of instructions here, including the step-by-step photos.

p.s. Last holidays, my sister-in-law made a fabric basket on this pattern in a beautiful holly-and-ivy print quilted fabric with a heat-proof layer. She made it large enough to fit a square baking dish, then used the basket to carry her special apple-cranberry dessert (hot out of the oven) to a potluck party. So, the fabric basket she made was a handy carrier for the potluck dish, and also a nice hostess gift. A handmade fabric basket with a new baking dish, made even more personal with a yummy homemade treat inside – wouldn’t you love to see a friend walk in your door with that gift?

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  1. Domestik Goddess

    Thanks for the nudge, Skeeter! It seems the original page has vanished, but I’ve just updated here with a good link (see above) so the fabric basket pattern and instructions are still available in the wonderful internet archives.

  2. Skeeter

    Can’t seem to find this pattern, can anyone help?

  3. domestika

    Sherri, Anne Brennan gives clear directions and step-by-step photos for making this fabric gift basket. You can find them by clicking on the link I’ve given in the post. Have fun with it! :)

  4. sherri

    I have been looking for a pattern like this. How can I get one?

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