The butterfly is a flying flower/
The flower a tethered butterfly.

– Ecouchard Le Brun

Phyllidae butterfly displayIn tune with the current decor trend towards all things natural in the “global village,” Phyllidae has just launched a new line of mounted butterflies and beetles using exotic wood veneers, handmade marbled papers, and Japanese Yuzen paper.

Each Phyllidae displays is a limited edition, making this a great gift idea for the discriminating nature-lover who appreciates the truly unusual.

These displays remind me of some of the antique botanical specimens that I admired years ago in the major British museums, but Phyllidae’s pretty art works definitely show the style of a designer — in this case graphics designer Jennifer Caritas.

“Most displays are put together by entomologists or hobbyists who love insects, and they’re targeted toward people who also love insects,” says Caritas. “Rather than treating insects as scientific curiosities, the Phyllidae line treats them as beautiful objects.”

Let’s tag this, oh, Home Decor with Butterflies.

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