EZ Chopsticks

Don’t sit helplessly by when everyone else is scoffing down the moo shu pork, just because you’re hopeless at handling chopsticks without a huge mess.

Clearly inspired by the common wooden clothespins, Kikkerland’s designed the perfect pair of chopsticks for the many diners among us who just never could get the hang of eating with those darned things…

Can world peace be far behind?

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  1. Mary Emma Allen

    Ah! Those are for me. They also might work for pulling hot toast from the toaster…as long as they’re made of wood. (I was looking for something like that this morning when the toast got stuck.) You come up with some of the neatest gadgets.

  2. Pinhole

    Was there really a need to invent a better chopstick, when we’ve already invented the fork? Handy for hanging those extra large items on the clothesline, though.

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