JR’s grandmother was a Brit who used to talk about feeling “wonky” every now and then, when she was a bit unsteady on her feet (age, not vino) and had to sit down. I wonder if this (wavy-wobbly furniture) was the way she saw the world, at those moments!

The Mini Wonky Jewellery Box here, a little chest of drawers just under a foot high, is the bold primary version of a whole clan of these woozy dance-y little stash boxes from Canadian craftsman Paul Szewc at Masterpiece Cabinets

In fact, there’s a whole gallery of even more groovy one-of-a-kind hand-painted boxes (and full-sized cabinets, real furniture, as well) to gladden the heart of your Alice Through the Looking Glass.

And if you can’t get to Guelph, Ontario, Canada to pay a visit to Paul Szewc’s Gallery, drop by the Masterpiece Gallery shop on Etsy and enjoy this video tour from the fine folks at Spoke Online:

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Update:  I’ve just found the most amazing artists who paint one-of-a-kind fantastical scenes (spiced with a touch of the dark side) on the Wonkies for Masterpiece Gallery. Their names are Dave Irvine & Vanya Ryan, and you can see their distinctive works of handpainted Wonkies at the etsy store.

Check it out – and sweet dreams!


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