SoftBowls are such a fanciful line of decorative containers in vibrant colors, they take felted wool to a whole new level.

Manufactured in Philadelphia by one of the last remaining millineries in the US, each container is handmade by local craftspeople. Available in a variety of colors and three different designs (Beehive, Wobowl and Swoop), SoftBowls can be mixed and matched into fun groupings.

Designed by Jaime Salm and Roger Allen, they’re available from the eco-conscious and ever-innovative Branch. For decorative open storage, to cosy around a plant pot, or just to brighten up your table top…

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  1. domestika

    Alina, aren’t they fab?
    You know, I was just thinking about some of the pretty felt hats that show up in thrift stores from time to time. If simple shapes and great colours, maybe they could be turned upside-down to become felt bowls…

  2. Alina

    Wow, they really look great. The red one is my favorite ;)

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