pink and green flower fabric quilted purseAmong the ranks of crafting moms, busily turning a hobby into a home-based business, is Jenese Patanella of Knoxville, Tennessee, mother of two teenage girls. She was in the corporate world for 25 years… but her passion is sewing.

These days you’ll find her in a corner of the family room, sewing up her bags and purses in fabulous quilted fabrics.

My daughters really wanted a very expensive named brand purse. I said no, but I would be happy to make one for each of you. They received so many compliments from their friends about their new purses… here I am with J.PAT PURSES.

What I really like about the design of her zipper-closed pink-and-green quilted purse — besides the bright and happy flowered fabric — and besides the generous number of pockets (4 on the outside, one interior) — is that Jenese has used a heavy-weight interlining on the bottom.

That means the purse can stand up on its own when its empty, so convenient for rummaging around for your lipstick in the restaurant powder room!

On the Hunt for Faux Flowers…
You can find more of the colourful quilted J.PAT PURSES on Etsy.

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  1. Sarda Sahney

    Beautiful work. I am always jealous of people who have a talent with textiles. Sadly the sewing genes in my family were not passed onto me and I struggle to hem my trousers.

    Thanks for the sabre-toothed beaver article. I am going to sit down and give it a read this weekend!


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