ladybug dollIf it seems like we’re obsessing on a ladybug theme lately, you’ll just have to blame the following:

  1. Maggie, whose little girl was given a way-cool ladybug play tent by her adoring grandparents…
  2. a double-layer gauze-and-gingham Japanese fabric with dainty little ladybugs, spotted by friend Sheila at ReproDepot last week…
  3. Marcia’s ladybug doll over at Macaroni Monologues… and
  4. the real little ladybugs who are emerging into sunshine at the corners of my upstairs windows, a welcome sign of Spring!…


    the ladybug “find” that’s totally stolen my heart—
  5. Saints and Sinners “Fly Away Home” art yarn, by Barbe Saint John:

A grassy lawn with tiny flowers make up a vacation spot for the ladybug family. This yarn was hard to photograph but is so pretty and tactile in person. Spun from lots of different combed wools, with a bit of firestar in it for a really bumpy lumpy grassy effect, mostly greens but a bit of dirt brown and seedling pale green too. Added are 5 tiny yellow daisies, lots of little white flowers and about 18 or so lampwork glass ladybugs. This would be gorgeous in a shawl or wall hanging.

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  1. domestika

    Kara, thanks so much for visiting.. Your boys are adorable — and those great weekend pictures are full of so much pure joy, it’s a real day-brightener just to see them!

  2. Kara

    my boys have a sweet spot for ladybugs too…

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