silver jasper and citrine beads braceletI don’t even wear bracelets all that often. They droop in my paint and get caught in my thread and are far too amusing for silly puppies. But look — just look at this bracelet! Jasper and citrine and silver — have you ever seen silver look so warm and friendly? The citrine beads, I could stare at for hours. Jamelah is offering it in her Etsy shop right now.

And on a completely different topic, just a random passing thought, no connection at all… my birthday is coming up in, mmm, less than 10 days. On the off-chance that He Who Hogs the Power Tools might happen to be reading…

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  1. domestika

    Fireworks… hmm, maybe we can do something there… ;-)

  2. bluepaintred

    yes, but i refer to it not as Canada day but pre-birthday day. The entire country even sets off fireworks for me, just to make sure my day starts off great.

    its a nice life i tell ya!

  3. domestika

    Oho, another Cancer-born Canadian female in the house! I’ll have to think of an appropriate way to mark your birthday, Blue… the day after Canada Day, if I’ve counted on all my fingers correctly?

  4. bluepaintred

    heh. my birthday is coming bup in less than four days and eight hours. not that I am counting or anything

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