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Free Breakfast

EatBetterAmerica newsletter Now, don’t spill your OJ with the excitement, but General Mills is giving away free samples of their Fiber One breakfast cereal when you sign up for the EatBetterAmerica newsletter.

As the name suggests, this free cereal offer is for Americans only.
Perhaps the rest of us are as “regular” as we need to be?

Let’s just not go there….

Go here, instead, and have a bowl of crunchy breakfast fiber goodness for me.

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  • Pinhole 2008/01/12, 12:07 pm

    Besides hash browns and sausage, What do you expect from your blog?”

    Don’t hate me, for this one.

  • domestika 2008/01/11, 5:01 pm

    Cross-border breakfast, Sue? Hey, you’re just down there in Maine, maybe you could pop up Calais and toss a few sausage links across the line? Way to get into the newspapers! :D Okay, and also way to get into custody of armed men in uniforms… so, perhaps not…

  • Sue 2008/01/11, 4:31 pm

    Ah, but that can’t compare to Raisin Bran. That’s the perfect “regularity food.” The bran for one type, the raisins for the other. Sorry…couldn’t resist. :)

    Anyway, thanks for the link, and if you need it, I could send mine up your way.

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