Anna Maria Horner free quilt patterns Anna Maria Horner’s inner gypsy had to have been at play when she designed her 22 Lollipops Quilt and Bohemian Quilt — and the fabric collections that inspired them, too.

And that’s just a wonderful thing, for lovers of color and pattern…

Even more wonderful, these two original quilt patterns are both free for your own sewing pleasure.

I love the elongated diamonds of the Bohemian quilt pattern, but the idea of whiling away the summer evenings with the hand-applique of circles for Lollipops is equally tempting…

Or maybe just roll around in all those gorgeous fabric prints, revelling in the colours (a bit like the way we pile up armloads of autumn leaves each autumn, then tumble giggling into the heap of glorious reds and golds).

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Good luck deciding which of Anna Maria’s quilts you’d like to make first!

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  1. domestika

    Thanks for visiting, Ana!

    I’ve just had a peek at Stitchin Heaven and can see I’m going to have a grand time exploring all the corners of your shop… although I am just the tiniest bit disappointed that you never got around to raising those emus!


  2. Ana

    These fabrics and styles go back to my era, thanks for posting where to get these patterns.

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