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French Kitty’s story began in Paris, where she was raised a sophisti-cat and soon developed a passion for fashion and a typical feline’s picky sense of taste….

Jet setting from New York to London, she knows that mingling with Hollywood celebrities, dining with rock royalty, and running from the paparazzi is all in a good day’s work. It sounds exhausting, but it’s nothing a manicure and chilled milk can’t cure…

As I may have mentioned, I do seem to have acquired quite a stash of cat-related collectibles (as well as those on a honeybee theme)…

Question is, if I give in to temptation and put Madame Alexander’s French Kitty onto my wish list… is there a risk of my ending up, in time, with a doll collection, too??

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  1. Anna

    She is cute! I think you need her :)

  2. domestika

    Agh! Thanks for the warning, Stacey! See, that’s exactly why we banished you to Prague, so you could get the undercover scoop on such devious plots known only to those who have tread the trail of Kafka…

  3. StaceyR

    Don’t do it! Despite the fetching dress, this so-called kitty landed with the Close Encounters aliens. She’s got this musical headlock she’ll wrap around all your other dolls and spirit them back to the mothership and you will never see them again. Danger will robinson!

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