fairy crown A girl can’t be a proper fairy princess without the right headgear!

Hand-crafted from “Magic, Tulle, Love, Butterflies, Beads and Flowers,” try the Ethereal Fairy Crown by Nest Pretty Things.

The crown is beautifully constructed with a double flexible wire that is completely covered with soft 100% cotton fabric strips for a funky look and safe fit for children. In the back of the crown there are long, lovely flowy ribbons finished with beads.

Each of these fairy crowns is a one-of-kind work of art in its own right. I could see one of these feathery frivolous crowns as a colorful accent in the right kind of funky decor… even if there’s no fairy princess in the family. $37 at The Silly Wagon, my absolute latest-favourite new source for funky fun.

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