Three of the innovative PuppyPurse dog carriers will be on display at the Musée de Design et d’Arts Appliqués Contemporains (Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts) in Lausanne, Switzerland. They’ll be part of an exhibit entitled “Bêtes de Style,” running October 2006 to February 2007, that explores the relationship between humans and their pets.

The exhibits at MUDAC focus on the area where design, applied arts, and contemporary art meet and influence each other — putting together both commercial objects and objets d’art “to astonish, challenge, intellectually stimulate, and amuse the viewers.” It’s all rather fascinating, and I can see how PuppyPurse fits right in.

PuppyPurse is a unique, innovative, open-air, hands-free pet carrier designed to be functional and practical as well as artistic and stylish. While reducing stress on a person’s arm, the PuppyPurse cocoons a small healthy pup or an arthritic one safely, comfortably, and elegantly by its person’s side heartbeat to heartbeat… PuppyPurse is available in more than fifty gorgeous fabrics and magnificent colors all of which can be seen at

Puppypurse from Amazon
PuppyPurse goes Macho!

This is one of the best-designed dog carriers we’ve ever seen. The adjustable strap, to begin with, makes it much more comfortable for the human. And the open design will make for a much happier pooch than being stuffed in a shoulder bag with the rest of your gear, especially in warm weather.

It means that even small, old, slow dogs with little short legs can go where its humans go — backwoods hiking, even!

But for sheer dog-delightful frivolity, I’m also coveting the Charmings accessories from PuppyPurse, because even a country dog likes to glam up to go to town — just a bit of bling for pampered pups of every size!

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