Ferrari Furarri Red Car Dog BedSo a luxurious Italian sports car to ride around in isn’t in reach of your pup-pampering budget? Join the club…

Also, knowing my driving skills, if I had one I’d probably just roll it trying to negotiate the pet store parking lot, and then where would we be?

Never mind — Shiba (the smallest of our family’s dogs) would happily live out my AutoBahn dream for me, in comfort (and much greater safety!) with a snooze in this poly-filled knock-off of fine European engineering…

The Furrari Dog Bed — you’ve got to love a bad pun — is 30 x 18 inches of poofy furry pet bed (14 x 12 inches interior space)  in the shape of the teensy tiny sports car of Rover’s road trip dreams.

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Color? Sporty red, of course.


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