Small gifts can be hard to wrap up in an attractive way, especially when they have odd shapes. Sure, you could get a little cardboard box to put them in, and then wrap that up — but where’s the fun in that?

Here’s what we’ve started doing in my family — wrapping up those awkward small items to look like strange little vaguely human characters!

It’s become quite a competition, to see who can come up with the funniest face or the most imaginative use of those scraps of wrapping paper and ribbon that were just a bit too good to toss out after the last gift-giving occasion… Thrifty!!

Here, a paper drinks umbrella has been pressed into service as an accessory. These faces are drawn on with marker, but sometimes the giftwrap artist will glue on bits of coloured cellophane for sunglasses or use other “found objects” to add character.

Can you guess what’s inside these two package-people?

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small gifts wrapped up to look like funny little people

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  1. Mary Emma Allen

    What cute gift wrap ideas. I’ll have to remember them.

  2. domestika

    Ohhh so very close, Pinhole! You get full marks for the first one, because it really could be anything in the bottle (and because I’m not entirely sure what Yoo Hoo is). But I only *wish* the other one was a nearly-edible wombat sculpture…

  3. Pinhole

    The tall one is a bottle of Yoo Hoo; I’m guessing the shorter, squarer package is a wildlife sculpture made from mayonnaise, No. 2 pencils and most of a box of Cheez-Its…possibly, a wombat.

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