Elizabeth, over at the Chic Design Cafe, got me into browsing the Christmas ornaments at West Elm — Not your Grandma’s Christmas ornaments, she says, and right on!

Venetian glass lizards for the Christmas tree, anyone?

glass lizard Christmas ornament

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like an elegant reptile…

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  1. domestika

    Ah, Lorna, be kind – that was almost a year ago that I posted this lovely lizard. But just for you, I’ll keep a sharp eye out for others… promise!

  2. Lorna Wollaston

    DON’T show me a glass lizard and then tell me it isn’t available anymore! That’s like holding a candy infront of a kid and then taking it back! Bad form!

  3. Pinhole

    I’m not sure why, but when I saw these I immediately thought of M. C. Escher, and began yearning for some 3D versions of his work.

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