If you’ve ever wondered what to do with all those empty cardboard egg cartons, besides:

(a) using them to organize your craft stuff or jewellery or coins,

(b) tearing them up to put in the compost,

(c) crafting up some rather peculiar cardboard tulips, or

(d) planting flower seeds in them…

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Here’s an elegant alternative — (e) for egg carton? — to fire up your imagination for creative recycling projects:

recycled egg cartons footstool Artist Inna Alesina makes her Good Egg footstool from 100% recycled paper pulp egg cartons, and colors them with a water-based fabric dye in terra cotta, green, blue, or beige.

As a footstool it can be used upright or on its side for a relaxing rocking motion; it also makes a sturdy base for a coffee table. To clean, just vacuum. Place out of bright light to preserve the intensity of the color.


Inna’s own personal egg-carton footstool has withstood use by two adults and two small children for six years — and it “still looks good.”

[via The Eco-Modernist]

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