I’m prepared to stretch the boundaries of taste and style in the interests of personalized garden art, but this might be just one small waddle more than even I can handle! But then again, even pink plastic flamingoes were a must-have novelty, once upon a time.

The Lawn Goose is a tradition that has been going on for thirty years in the Midwest. You put the goose on your front porch and dress it up with outfits according to the season, holiday, or simply the mood of the day.

Lawn Goose Designs offers goose-shaped (or little gosling) lawn ornaments in cement and concrete, and little outfits of clothing you can put on them — from five different designers! Who knew there was such a specialized line of fashion design?

Goose Hunter from Lawn Goose DesignsAvailable accessories include eyeglasses, wigs, umbrellas, and sets of tiny little clothes hangers. You can get outfits for any season of the year and all the major American holidays, as well as in a variety of themes.

“It’s like Barbie Dolls for adults,” they say.

Okay, I’ll admit that the little Hunter would be rather amusing for an autumn display on a rural front porch… and I could see doing something silly and seasonal with the old School Marm, the Pumpkin and Witch, the Pilgrim and Turkey, the Santa Claus outfits… and maybe even the Harley Davidson Dude, given the right social occasion!

Now I’m just waiting for someone to come out with a tiny feather-lined RV and a straw-filled Dream Home.

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