In today’s guest post, Pelf Nyok bring us another stand-out crafter from Malaysia with a look at Mabel’s gossamer-fine knit work… It’s inspiring to know that, less than a year ago, the creator of these delicate shawls was a total novice to knitting!
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Mabel’s Pretty Shawls

this is Pelf Two weeks ago, we had a peep into April’s collection of hand-made jewellery, so this time around, we’re going to look into another Malaysian’s collection of knitted shawls.

If you do not know Mabel, you will not believe that she had only started knitting less than a year ago. In fact, she did not knit her first shawl until February 2007 and even then, she was still learning to read charts and knitting in new ways and using new stitches.

Mabel’s Pretty Shawls An unintentional trip to Lincraft (a craft store) drowned Mabel in the myriad of colours and textures. She picked up a set of knitting needles, a leaflet containing patterns for scarves and some balls of yarn and the rest, they say, is history. And since then, she has moved on from knitting scarves to hats, fingerless gloves, baby jackets, socks and now shawls.

All her raw materials are imported — needles come from a variety of places and the yarns, especially, come from the US, Latin America and UK — because it is very pricey to purchase them locally (in Malaysia). She sometimes ended up paying more than double of what she would pay if she were to buy it online (either via eBay or independent websites).

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It takes Mabel about six to seven nights to knit, block out the pattern and then pack the product (despite holding a day job!) but usually, a shawl will take her about three weeks maximum.

Mabel’s favourites

Just like any other craftsperson, Mabel loves ALL her products, because to her, each shawl is unique — every stitch is never the same and different yarns have a different feel and texture. But these are some that she has been itching NOT to sell:

    • ViolettaVioletta

  • White FlowersWhite Flowers
  • Moonlit NightMoonlit Night

Mabels Scarves on Etsy

Mabel started her online store, Shawls 4 Sale because she wanted to get rid of her ever-growing stash and kill some time. She doesn’t make a lot of money from this endeavor and in a way, she thinks it’s good. Despite that, all shawls that are showcased on the website are already sold!

I started this because I wanted to get rid of my ever-growing stash and kill some time (I have too much free time). Hence I charge only enough to cover my basic costs (yarn, mostly). Don’t really want to turn this into something that I make my living from!

Shawls will still be her main product but she’s hoping that with time, she will have the chance to explore some pattern designing and churn other items such as socks, scarves and baby clothing.

She manages the site, sales, knitting, packing, etc. on her own so it gets “crazy” sometimes, especially during peak months. Currently, she’s hoping to add in a shopping cart function and play around with the payment options.

How much is that again?

The price is often decided before she starts work via email because she needs to know specific details. But at the moment, prices range from RM60 to RM100* and it depends on the type of yarn (wool, cashmere, silk, etc) that will be used. Domestic shipping within Malaysia is part of the deal and if anyone needs some extra (but simple) bling bling effect, it’s an additional RM10 but she often waives the cost for this.

Mabel is also in the midst of re-adjusting her pricing tier for next year because by then, she’d be based in Switzerland and things will be a little bit more complicated. However, Mabel guarantees that prices will still remain below the RM150 mark.

Note: The current foreign exchange rate is 3.3 Malaysian Ringgit to 1 US Dollar.

this is PelfPelf Nyok, the author of The Giving Hands, is a grad-student who is trying to save the turtles, the environment and humankind. Charity, conservation and volunteerism are things that are very close to her heart.

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