handmade Etui folding box - manicure kit

Based on the Chinese concept of a “box within a box,” this Etui is a small self-contained box handcrafted from 23 individual pieces. When the box is closed, it measures just 4 ½ x 4 inches. Take off the lid, and it opens to flower out into 8 storage panels…

For $16.50, the Etui Manicure Box comes complete with the essential manicure tools and supplies — or check out the equally cunning Sewing Kit Etui Box and First Aid Kit Etui Box offered on Etsy by sparetimecrafts.

A brilliant gift idea!

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  1. Joey

    If I see one, I’ll let you know.

    But I bet you could make a pattern. . . . . .then sell it/share it online

  2. domestika

    Isn’t it incredible? A Victorian kind of thing, the Etui, I think. I’ve been looking everywhere for a (free or cheap) pattern…

  3. Joey

    Thats very cool. . . . .

    That would be a cool gift to make for someone. . ..

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