Do you remember back in kindergarten, dipping your hands in paint and patting your tiny palms all over a piece of newsprint paper? Inspired by that classic childhood art form, but oh so far beyond the paper-on-fridge display we associate with handprint art, at Little Critters your child’s life-size handprint becomes a whimsical work of art.

Have fun with your child creating handprints which can then be transformed into a ‘Little Critter’ such as an elephant or fish. It is then a simple matter of selecting one of the many fun, colourful designs from our gallery and the product or products of your choice.

Printed on a mouse pad or coffee mug, it’s a smile to start your day. As a high-quality glycee print, professionally reproduced on high-quality stretched canvas, it’s a very special keepsake, or a unique gift idea for a doting grandparent.

Want to try a little handprint art yourself? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fingerpaints or any non-toxic paint;
  • A old plate or shallow dish for the paint (I like to re-use those styrofoam meat trays for painting play);
  • A generous stack of plain or coloured sheet of paper (photocopy or printer paper is a good weight, if you don’t overload your hands with paint);
  • A table to work on, covered with plastic sheeting or newspaper;
  • Crayons, felt tip markers, coloured pencils, glitter, googly eyes, bits of yarn and ribbon, or whatever other craft supplies you have on hand for embellishments — optional — and
  • The imagination of a child — absolutely essential!

Reading for Ideas:
Hand-Print Animal Art
by Carolyn Carreiro
(Williamson Kids Can! series)

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