hanging gift wrap organizerForget about plastic storage boxes that slide under the bed — those seem like a good idea at first, but they take up a pile of space that could be better used for bulkier items or your dust bunny collection. And it’s hard to see at a glance what you’ve got in the way of gift wrapping supplies, much less get at them easily.

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made, in time saving and ease of use, is this hanging gift wrap organizer. Mine is blue, not white, but it’s otherwise identical to this Stacks and Stacks unit ($19.74 at Amazon).

It hangs up in the spare room closet for storage, ready to pull out when I need to wrap something up. Rolls of wrapping paper (the most affordable and flexible way to buy paper, I’ve discovered) stand up in the long side pockets while all the bows and trimmings slip into the wide central pockets. Because they’re clear, you can see at a glance what you’ve got.

What I like about best about this particular organizer, though, which is different from other hanging organizers I’ve seen, is that it can stand up by itself. So, I just bring it out of the closet and stand it up beside my table when it’s time to wrap stuff.

No rummaging, no chaos of paper and ribbon all over the space — and if I don’t get all the wrapping done in one session, there’s no big mess to tidy away. Just tuck the organizer in behind a door or hang it up in a closet, easily at hand for when you’re ready for it.

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