heart-shaped pink non-stick frying panI was thinking Gifts for Newlyweds here, but can’t we all use a little love in the morning?

The pink heart-shaped frying pan — non-stick, thank heavens! — is from DotComGiftShop. How cute is that? But no eggs for me, thanks. Who can look at a yolk in the morning? I’ll go for tiny little heart-shaped pancakes, smothered in maple syrup.

heart-shaped measuring spoonsheart-shaped measuring cups

And what do we use to mix up the breakfast o’ luv, but heart-shaped measuring spoons and measuring cups (both at Red Envelope). The cups are aluminum, but the spoons are food-safe pewter made in Rhode Island by traditional methods, which is rather a nice thought.

Each cup or spoon is engraved with a heart-warming measurement — a dash of humor, a pinch of kindness, a spoonful of fun, a cup of love, and so on — but don’t worry, the traditional measurements are written there too!

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hearts theme tea pot and mug “Tea for one” might not be quite what we’re going for here, but I can’t resist this hand-painted nesting teapot and mug set (DotComGiftShop). The brushwork is so free and casual, and I particularly like the use of both pink and red in the hearts pattern. Not to mention that big fat round comfortable comforting shape. There’s a heart-patterned coffee mug to match, if coffee is more your newlyweds’ beverage style…

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  1. domestika

    Men are apparently allergic to the heart motif, for some reason… I bet your boyfriend would go for a big batch of heart-shaped cookies, though!

  2. Mihaela Lica

    Why are your entries all so appetizing? These pictures look so yummy! I choose to skip the little hearts thing… my boyfriend would never go for that. :(

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