Most of my housework energy goes into working through the regular gotta-do-that list — that list of chores that never completely go away, like the endless cycle of cooking meals and doing dishes, or like climbing the mountain of laundry while I’ve still got on ragged set of undies still left in the lingerie drawer…

But every season has its own special list of obligations for the domestic among us — it goes to keeping a roof over your head, and being able to have people come in from time to time without having to rush around and stuff things in a closet.

Maria Gracia offers a checklist for September at, which is a good starting point… though not all of us, of course, are into using a leaf-blower or running the PTA.

For what it’s worth, my own September checklist includes:

  • Air out my extension collection of knitwear (emphasis on those big bulky sweaters so essential to Canadian living), which I had stored for the summer;
  • Buy up a bunch of great autumn-harvest vegetables at bulk prices (go for a country drive and check a roadside stand) and freeze them for busy days, later on; and
  • Wash the windows inside and outside (before it gets too chilly to want to keep the house wide open).

There’s more, of course, but I know I won’t complete everything on my seasonal to-do list (I never do manage to get through everything, somehow — maybe I need a shorter list?) so there’s no point in embarassing myself by telling you the height of my ambitions, right? And besides, we’ve all got a checklist… whether or not it’s written down…

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