As the owner of a retired racing greyhound, and not being opposed to the occasional adult beverage, I was semi-thrilled to discover there’s such a thing as a Greyhound cocktail. Here’s the mixology on it, if you’re feeling like a fruity-refreshing summer drink for patio sipping:

I’m only semi-thrilled to learn about the Greyhound Cocktail, though, because I also discovered that there are quite serious (as in, potentially life-and-liver-threatening) possible interactions with medications and grapefruit juice — and grapefruit juice is a key ingredient in the Greyhound cocktail. Guess I’ll just have to stick with the (admittedly delightful) company of a long tall dog, instead of a long tall beverage! But, you know, you could have one for me if you’re so inclined…

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  1. Mooky Moo

    Don’t feel too bad.
    After all, this cocktail is named after the bus company, not the dog.

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