Yes, the woman is serious!

There’s no way to get around the fact that housework and cleaning must be done, so Lesley-Ann of Gorgeous Things points out that we might as well make those chores fun.

Pick your products carefully, she says, to start with.

You want to get an uplifting whiff of a nice fragrance, not gass yourself into oblivion with some kind of noxious chemicals that (bonus) make your dainty hands look as if you’ve been digging ditches for the last six weeks.

Play upllifting music — well, I can vouch for this one. (If we can technically call it “uplifting” to blast out classic Pat Benatar tunes over the sounds of running water and vacuum cleaners?)

But the third tip is my favourite, pure self-fulfilling psychology. — Think “domestic goddess of the ’50s” and strap on a big smile with the adorable apron. (You do have an adorable apron, don’t you? It’s like anything else you do in life, it really does help to dress the part, to dress for success.)

LA’s tips might not turn us all into Little Susie Homemaker overnight, but — I’m channelling the voice of my mother here — a positive mental attitude is half the battle!

Share your own tips!

What do you do to make household chores… okay, maybe not fun, exactly, but just a bit more tolerable? Oh, c’mon, I know that head-banging ’80s power rock isn’t the magic flush-cleaning charm for everyone… and some of you guys aren’t all that keen on poncing about in frilly aprons…

So, what gets your motor running, to get the household chores done?


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  1. LA

    Yeah, I’ll have to ‘workshop’ that one a little – but it will be something along the lines of wearing a cute apron and..?

    That’s about as far as I can get… ;)

  2. domestika

    LA, if you can figure out a way to make bill-paying fun, I want to be the first to know!

  3. LA

    Now all we need do is find a way of making paying bills, ironing, putting away the groceries, getting up early in winter and doing exercise fun and we’ll all be much happier :)

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