“Measuring for drapes is not a complicated process,” according to FactoryDirectDrapes.com. “In fact, it is relatively easy if you simply follow the directions we provide.”

Rules for Measuring for Drapes

  • WIDTH is always measured and expressed first when ordering.
  • HEIGHT is always measured and expressed second when ordering.
  • Use a retractable metal tape measure to ensure accuracy (i.e.: never use a cloth tape measure or a yard stick)
  • Never measure the existing drape or window covering. You will not get an accurate measure this way.

how to measure for custom drapesFactoryDirectDrapes.com goes on to provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions (illustrated with how-to photographs) to help you be sure to get the right size of drapes to fit an existing rod — custom or standard — or for a window for which you’ve not yet installed a curtain rod.

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