Captain Jack Sparrow may be the summer’s hottest box-office draw, but what’s it really like inside his bedroom?Watch out for the skull and crossbones hanging from the ceiling. Be careful not to trip over the gold dubloons spilling out of the old chest by the captain’s bed…

In conjunction with next week’s release of Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World’s End is sponsoring a pirate-themed essay contest. Just let your imagination run wild, and give them your 100-word vision of a truly swashbuckling bedroom!

“Beds and bedroom sets are our company’s specialty, so we thought it would be fun to ask : What exactly does a Pirate’s bedroom look like?” explains Ben Weissman, spokesperson for the online furniture retailer. “Whether it’s Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbosa or Davy Jones, they all have a certain ‘Pirate Style’ to their quarters. We want to know what people imagine that would be like.”

The best 100-word essay that the company receives between now and June 10, 2007 will win a Disney Pirates twin bed comforter set (retail value of $100). For more information on the contest, visit

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