Lemon Ginger herbal tea - StashI need to say a quick word of praise for the fine people at StashTea.

This past week, while I’ve been almost flat out with bronchitis — ugh! — the only thing that has made me able to half-way function is an unending supply of their LEMON GINGER herbal tea.

“This lively tea offers wide-awake flavor without caffeine,” they say. “Smooth lemon flavor with a lingering bite of ginger.”

Yep, that sounds about right.

Now, I have no idea whether there’s some kind of natural remedy rhyme-or-reason to this, or what the magic ingredient may be. All I know is that the tea tastes wonderful — and that little snap of ginger seems to clear out the ol’ breathing apparatus.

I swear, that lemon-ginger tea is all that has made it possible for me to crawl out of bed a few hours each day, just enough to do those essential chores without which the household would crumble.

Yay, Stash Tea!

Now, if I could only remember who gave it to me for Christmas, maybe I could find out where to get more…

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