A new study claims to be able to predict, with remarkable accuracy, the type of woman you are, based on what you choose for lingerie.

It was conducted among online American women by Anderson Analytics, using new research techniques (whatever those may be) to create psychological profiles of women based on their attitudes about their clothing and their bodies.

Gigi's Closet - Lingerie BoutiqueThose women were then placed into one of five distinct groups:

  • Career Woman
  • Young & Fun
  • Busy with Kids
  • Experienced
  • Ms. Online Plus

Take the simplified version of the study in a quick online quiz to see what the number-crunchers think your underwear might be saying about you!

Me? A bit to my surprise, I seem to be the Career Woman type “with diverse interests… busy with work… competent and deserving…” — well, yeah, I suppose so!

The study was commissioned by the new online lingerie boutique Gigi’s Closet in an attempt to better understand women’s attitudes about their underwear… Because we already have a pretty good idea about men’s attitudes towards lingerie, don’t we?

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