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Karina’s Castle Playhouse

playhouseBack in October 2005, I wrote about a remarkable little kids’ playhouse made by recycling plastic milk jugs. At the time, I was so disappointed that I didn’t have any photographs of the playhouse to share.

But all that has changed, with an email that came in this week! Karina's Castle Playhouse

Scott and Andrea McNeill of Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, Canada — the imaginative parents who turned 840 plastic milk jugs into a unique playhouse for 2-year-old Karina — have been kind enough to send me some pictures, and have given permission to post them here for all to admire.

Karina's Castle Playhouse

You can see why Karina calls the playhouse her “Milk Jug Castle” — and she looks like a real Princess in it, too!

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  • amanda hart 2011/02/21, 6:01 pm

    hope you don’t mind but i just shared your milk jug playhouse with fb friends

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