felted miniature dog in dollhouse settingKay Turple is a Canadian artist who makes amazing 3-dimensional dog portraits — all sorts of dog breeds, like this gorgeous fluffy Old English Sheepdog — working from your photographs to make a tiny true-to-life model in felted wool.

How does Kay make her miniature pets? She gives an overview of the needle felting technique at KaysK9s.com, but simply put —

Simply put, needle felting is the process of taking raw wool roving and using a barbed felting needle to sculpt it into shape. The sculpting is done by poking the wool thousands of times until the fibers interlock and felt together. This process is extremely time consuming, and each dog or cat normally takes 10 – 25 hours to create.
felted miniature sheepdog on hand

Indulge an urge, add something very special to a collection of dollhouse-scale miniatures, or commemorate a beloved companion animal. They run from 1″ to 4″ in size, or are made in standard 1:12 dollhouse scale. (She does cats and other creatures, too.)

These are true art pieces, not toys — and are priced accordingly, reflecting the many hours of skilled handcrafting that goes into each felted dog.

Best yet, a portion of all proceeds is donated to support the Ontario SPCA and local animal shelters.  What more could a dog lover ask?

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  1. delia

    Hey there, cute mini dogs okay – but where are teh cats?

  2. Anne Maybus

    rofl! I like the adult ADD idea and might have to claim that for myself. too!

  3. domestika

    @Kay, it’s my pleasure – thank you!

    @Anne, you and I do have similar tastes :) Can’t think how I missed seeing Kay written up on your blog – must be creeping dementia on my end, or possibly adult ADD. :p

  4. Anne Maybus

    Funny thing about similar tastes, Jen. I have just blogged about this lady and her brilliant work too. She is very clever and I love her dogs.

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