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Kitty Mansions and Cat Castles

A couple nights ago, I had this dream about my mother’s cat trying to climb the livingroom drapes (again). So, over breakfast, I gently suggested to He Who Hogs The Power Tools that he should design and build a nice scratching post tower thing for my mother.

(Well, for her cat, obviously.)

He heard me out, sighed, and went back to flipping the glossy pages of Extreme Home Reno Makeover magazine into his Raisin Bran.  OK, so hubby is not into building cat furniture right now. I get that.  Moving on…

Then today I came across Kitty Mansions fun video of the most staggeringly huge and elaborate kitty climbing tower EVER. They call this model of cat tower “Buckingham Palace” — for obvious reasons.

(Lots more Kitty Mansions where this came from, pussycats!)

Too much for your cat or your own good taste?

Then take a peek at this Modular Cat Castle Playground: Ultra modern, sleek, even downright manly — with not a scrap of pastel-pink shag or dangle-spring birdy-toy in sight.
Cat Castle - Modular Cat Playground

Also, this “cat playground” comes in a variety of sizes you can add together to build up to Totally Gigantic Cat Castle size, from starter kit on up to multi-level condo.

The carpeted beams that form the structure (and hold up the faux-fur hammocks provided for kitty to snooze in) are 13.5 inches long, so that gives an idea of scale. Some assembly is most certainly going to be required, but on the plus side, it should be comparatively easy to transport, when disassembled, as it’s mostly all straight beams and fabric bits.

Stairway to Cat Heaven - Modular Cat PlaygroundThe big modular Cat Castle (with no fewer than 11 snuggle spots for your cats!) is the ultimate up-sizing of the classic Stairway to Cat Heaven, for the tops in multiple-cat climbing adventures… and just think about that convenient U-shape.

Couldn’t you slip the Cat Castle around a single bed, and pretend to your overnight guests that it’s just a hip designer headboard they aren’t cool enough to have heard about yet? Sure you could! (It’s not like the cat is going to rat you out, tee hee.)

Oh, and the bits of catnip in the corner?
Just a coincidence.

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