If you’re like me, and have a positive talent for letting the end of your scarf trail on the ground or get caught in a car door, a neat little knitted neck-warmer might be the answer. The problem with most neck-warmers, of course, is that they tend to be tight-fitting knitted tubes — guaranteed to destroy any carefully-coiffed hairstyle as soon as you go to yank the garment on or off over your head.

Here’s an alternative design, a much wider tube that wraps like short scarf around the neck and ties in place. Mintyfresh shares her own Bainbridge scarf knitting pattern for the Bainbridge Scarf over at the Pepperknit blog.

Bainbridge Scarf knitted neck-warmer

Not into knitting? Take note of the measurements and step-by-step instructions, and sew yourself a scarf instead. Chic and cosy, in a fleece-lined silk!

[via Hilde]

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