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So You Want to Knit a Shrug?

Woman in blue knitted shrug (bolero style) sweater

If you knit at all, or would like to know how, you’ll want to get in on Craftsy’s brand new free online knitting workshop, and make yourself a cute and cosy shrug.

Shrug — you know — one of those little sweaters that forgot to grow past the shoulder blades?

Don’t snort! Honestly, if you don’t own a shrug, you’re missing out on a very useful bit of wardrobe gear. It’s the perfect little cover-up for a dressy outfit (think, cool evening breeze at a wedding reception, when you’re shivering in the slinky sleeveless gown) or just to snuggle up in when the cold winter nights roll on, but you aren’t quite ready to bundle up in the full-fledged woolies.

One-Skein Knit Shrug Online Workshop

Knit designer Stefanie Japel leads the workshop, providing both the pattern and easy-to-follow instructions. One little skein of yarn, two circular needles, and a few really basic knitting skills — plus a free Craftsy membership — are all you’ll need to get going.

What better way to learn, if you’re new to knitting?

You get the company of other yarn fanatics, albeit through the magic of the intertubes, and a chance to showcase photos of your finished product when you’re done. Or browse the showcase to see how other knitters have interpreted the same pattern, and get inspired to actually finish your own!

There are online courses at Craftsy, too, in all manner of handicraft skills from crochet to quilting, but I really like the new workshops for their social aspects. “Workshop” means you never have to knit alone — there’s a whole bunch of other knitters, all working on the same pattern, to tap for tips and advice!

After all, sharing your work and talking about the challenges you’ve had to, er, unravel… that’s one of the great joys of making stuff, no?

And if you’re like me — a rank beginner in the yarn department, still, after all these years! — the talented yarn-wranglers at Ravelry can make your needles clatter with nerves. I’m feeling that Craftsy (“Learn It. Make It”) classes and workshops may be a more comfy fit…

Take Craftsy’s one-skein shrug workshop for a test drive and see what you think. It’s a free for a limited time only, I believe, so don’t dilly-dally!

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