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Finally, a Good Free Knitting Pattern for a Turkey-Shaped Baby Hat!

Baby's Knit Turkey Hat with Drumsticks

Yes, that’s what I said: it’s a knitted baby hat that’s made to look like your Thanksgiving turkey. After the stuffing and roasting has happened, fortunately.

Here’s the story:

Sara knitted a Thanksgiving turkey hat for her newborn boy – complete with drumsticks. Okay, we can figure that the stress of the holiday season and post-partum knitting with a baby in the NICU and all… “I may have been slightly unhinged at that point,” she says. Granted.

So last year, did she knit little Isaac a sleek toque or a jaunty newboy cap for his holiday hat? Mais, non! It was the Thanksgiving turkey all over again, one size larger and in a different brand of yarn for a whiter, brighter tip of the drumstick…

And now you can knit one of your very own!

Sara’s offering a download of her original Jive Turkey Baby Hat pattern  over at Going Crafty Ravelry, free.

She says:

The pattern is sized for a 12 month old. You can size it up or down by changing the size of the hat; just use an even number of stitches and adjust the decreases after row 5 to match the number of stitches you have, adding or deleting rows to work down to 12 stitches. If you go smaller, I would still keep at least 16 stitches as the base for the legs, to maintain structural integrity, and maybe not do as many even rows at 36 stitches (rows 6-15).

Sara’s blog, Going Crafty, seems to be taking a nap right now, but the weird turkey craft thing is working its magic on me…

Oh, I’m not going to size up the pattern and knit myself a chapeau avec drumsticks for the holiday season, but doesn’t it make you wonder what other wild and whimsical turkey-inspired crafts are begging to be discovered?

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  • sujon majee 2012/07/19, 7:05 am

    lov it so much n will see it carefully may b it will help me well

  • Squawkfox 2008/11/21, 12:51 am

    I am gobsmacked. But then again, I’ve always preferred breast meat.

  • Helene 2008/11/10, 5:15 pm

    I love it…that is absolutely adorable and so creative!!! I wish I knew how to knit so I could knit one for all my kids!!

  • Heather (How to be a Woman..?) 2008/11/10, 3:39 pm

    I LOVE THAT HAT! And I love the thing in Sara that made her design, knit, and re-knit it for her her baby. Can’t wait to check out Going Crafty!

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