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Barista dell’Arte: ‘Just a Coffee’ is Never Enough

Latte Art - My coffee’s design for the day at Fluid (by Don) by ~ggvic~, on Flickr

I’m getting moderately obsessed with latte art: watching it emerge from a pitcher of slowly poured milk, admiring the presentation, gasping in delight and wonder at the finished objet, and – more than anything – feeling a spark of hope for this old world.

Because, it seems, our coffee shops abound with talented baristas for whom the not-so-simple act of pouring a cup of coffee has become one part performance art, one part art form.

Does anything cap the wonder of a slow-motion action video of latte art in the making?

More latte?
Here you go, then:

Watch, wonder, then go away and practice!

p.s. There’s a lesson in here somewhere, for anyone who thinks their day job is without creative scope or a personal challenge.

Photo credit: My coffee’s design for the day

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  • Johnny A. 2012/04/03, 6:54 pm

    Nice. Now if I can do that with my business logo, THAT would be something. ;)

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